Comment: Falsehood is also Power

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Falsehood is also Power

"Some argue that, because of slavery, America was founded on racism. This is not true. The founders understood the contradictions of slavery so the preamble of the Constitution contains the phrase “in order to form a more perfect Union”. They knew the Union would not be perfect, so they set forth aspirational principles in the founding documents that have inspired the entire world. It was those moral and ethical principles that led to the end of slavery and the rights of women and former slaves to vote as equal citizens."

That is so false, patently false, it might be funny, if it weren't so deadly, disarming, contradictory, divisive, misleading, and destructive.

The Declaration of Independence reports that it is a duty of free people to defend against criminals who take over government, in so many words, that can be quoted.

The Articles of Confederation worked, demonstrably, as a voluntary, competitive, free market, form of government, and it's imperfection, according to the criminals who stole liberty, crushed the spirit of liberty, was the inability to crush those who dare to question authority, those "founders" created The Dirty Compromise which IS The Constitution.

The Bill of Rights, returning back to some semblance of common sense, sandwiches the Despotism of The Constitution in between those Bills of those Rights and The Declaration of Independence.

1. Duty to not tolerate despots claiming to be governors = Declaration of Independence
2. Despots claiming to be governors = The Constitution
3. Those who smell a rate saying HEY LOOK those guys are despots = The Bill of Rights

Knowledge is power, so why repeat falsehoods as if it were knowledge?