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i see many people with

i see many people with different and conflicting viewpoints still behind Dr. Ron Pauls's message, and more and more awareness of the banking system and ending the Fed.

i'm not advocating you subscribe to farrakhan and david duke's viewpoints, wholesale. i am saying it's a sign that there is vitality and a vibrant movement crystallizing behind Ron Paul's message, if these individuals from the spectrum are coming together. Just like Michael Savage. i wouldn't have thought in a million years that Michael Savage would speak to Alex Jones. And Howard Stern, even, he is willing to have a long conversation with Alex Jones.

Individually, in a normal society it wouldn't matter what these people said, we could just live our lives to our faith and knowledge.

But because of the illuminati and new world order, there is a quickening, and everyone is choosing sides. Farrakhan is choosing his side with Alex Jones. Even David Duke is choosing his sides with Ron Paul. I do not know what will happen to the soul of David Duke after he passes away. But i see Michael Savage choosing sides as well. Even Howard Stern is open to have Alex Jones on.

it's the quickening.