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Who Cares...

...who speaks to whom, or who appears on who's 'show'?

As one of the much reviled 'principled purists', it seems to me that if one does not represent and advocate for basic fundamental liberty and conversely, one displays a collectivist-ethic and actually advocates directly against certain fundamental liberties, well, ol' El-Tee simply isn't hitching his horse to a faux wagon...this one, Farrakhan's or any other.

That doesn't mean that specific interests do not periodically cross paths on certain issues, but that doesn't make a marriage or a philosophical or ethical match or some melding/joining.

One would think this should be obvious, but clearly it is not.

I will simply stand alone if necessary and call things as I see them, regardless of how wildly unpopular that often seems to be to many 'staunch' liberty advocates around here.