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You really don't know much do

You really don't know much do you? The "law" you talk about is 'God's' law; who is supposed to judge those for violating 'God's' law/ Why 'God' of course. When does one get judged by 'God' for violating 'God's' law; after death of course.

I'm sorry, but humans where never given the authority to enforce 'God's' law.

Those which 'Jesus' cast from the temple were money changers, which would be similar if not identical to bankers today.

Also, that give unto ceaser quote is getting old; yes it is about taxes, however, he was saying that for the people to avoid the wrath of Rome. Not because he actually believed taxes were just.

judge not lest ye be judged

sound familiar?
What about,

love the sinner, not the sin

, this one was from 'Jesus.' He didn't say anything about creating man's law to pervert 'God's' law and then judging other men by that perversion; did he?

I'm not saying 'Jesus' was an anarchist, but he wasn't the tyrant which you are making him out to be either.