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Comment: Thank You ((((MN))))

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Thank You ((((MN))))

Before I logged onto DP, I checked to see if the CAGOP new officers was posted, since I didn't wait for the answer, knowing Jim Buelte and Hemaat Dhillon were selected and it really wasn't a race, but a "coronation", which I thought I might be able to see more of in the golden circle.. where I met people, and came to see it as an operational hub, so it's a good place to be and where all GOP committee members should fundraise and get themselves into the circle. The movers beyond the circle, are in serious deep denile about what is going on, or the GOP is imploding from controlled demolition.

Yesterday while we're waiting to vote.. (and I should say, there were so many campaign signs for Burlte and Dhillon, it was insane amount of waste in the name of decorations, especially when it's supposed to be a democratic style convention, with other names that were "bullied by the overwhelming selecteds), and those who ran are in debt just for attending the convention).... I was asked about getting an email from a Gail, from the Women's Republican Federation, about Dhillon. I said, no I had not... and I received a copy, some of it that was interesting to me was:

Have you GOP senators and assembly have any idea what is really going on between voter majority grassroots from deep pocket ego-bloated, narcissistic, power hungry, oligarchical attitude perpetrated by the golden spoon heir Charlie Munger and ACLU, Taj Majal princess wannabe Harmeet Dhillon? Is the disconnnect between GOP career politicians, desperate for campaign funds, from the rest of us, not beholding to "bribes" to a bunch of bullies with Republican titles, in such disparity? You guys may have reason to betray the lofty moral and ethical values weaved into your partisan campaign rhetoric. But we lifelong, middle class, grassroots active selfless Republican voters and volunteers, outside of most RINO invaded central committees, are not beholden to the deep pocket Republican mafia invasion into Republican conservative organizations and central committees. Munger and easily manipulated conservatives are planting RINO style conservative candidates to disembowel more authentic conservative leaders at the April 2013 CRA convention. The lies, the treachery, the betrayals, the backstabbing, the disparaging of hardworking volunteers, as me, refusing to lie and refusing to lick boots are pervasive, but oblivious to you elected Republican leaders. You may need to worship a false Republican sugar daddy idol, but millions of us Republican voters and volunteers gain nothing by betraying our conscience of integrity, a long abandoned virtue by the CAGOP and by the SFGOP. The differences between untrustworthy Republican leaders and officers from the Democrats is non-existent these recent years. Backing a third world leftwing ideological token is not fooling more dominant cultural ethnic populations too streetwise to be taken for granted."

The only thing the group Gail is talking about heard was:

"Muslim racist" (I know it's not in there, but that's what they heard).

Reported here:

Let's see........ Ron Paul once raised $6 million.. if it's $3K to send supporters into the golden circles.. that's doable.