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Comment: You like 90% of what he says...

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You like 90% of what he says...

so why post about part of the 10%? I am not sure why the Liberty, Constitution-ists, or whatever name for movement you prefer, frequently calls out people.

Schiff is a huge asset to the ideological battle that needs to be won. He has talked about his dad quite a bit even did a video on a road trip to see him.

What good does it do to discuss the manipulation, it will be used to further marginalize him.

In his Senate campaign he made, what he called pragmatic, foreign policy statements regarding iran and nukes. I didn't like it, and disagreed, but in the end it his his decision and his opinion.

We need to understand who values Liberty, works for Liberty, and build coalitions with these people. Even if we dislike other views they may have - Liberty is about tolerating people with different views, and views we may find down right offensive.

Lets stay focused on the areas we agree with people and not fall into to the trap of thinking we have to "approve" people in the cause.


Liberty = Responsibility