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Comment: Hey dictator, tell me how

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Hey dictator, tell me how

Hey dictator, tell me how justice is being served now? Tell me what kind of justice was served directly after the ratification of the US Constituion?

The laws, you and Mark, and others want would require a Constitutional Amendment because neither the Federal nor the State Governments were given the rauthority to control behavior.

So, I'm sorry dictator; but you don't like the US Cosntitution either. You think it doesn't give the government enough power.

As far as your Rent-a-goon comment; do you really think it will be as easy or as cheap as you ar making out to sound? As soon as they start getting shot at, the price would climb. People wouldn't hire rent-a-goons for nonsensical reason, unles they don't mind bankrupting themselves to gain nothing in return. That may be something that you and Mark would do, but normal people wouldn't.

You can call voluntaryism all the nonsensical terms you want; the truth is that I'm an adult and as such I am willing and able to take care of myself, and protect my rights. I don't need government do do it for me.