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Comment: Schiff is a brilliant man

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Schiff is a brilliant man

He probably isn't aware of the overall power of the international banking conspiracy. In fact he may not believe there is a coordinated conspiracy at all. Just government corruption. However, just what is corruption anyway? It's always founded in conspiracy. He still needs to "Pierce the Veil" (see articles below). I'd recommend Schiff watch this interview with Aaron Russo who happened to be best friends with a shareholder of the Federal Reserve Bank (until he broke it off for moral reasons back in the year 2000). It would do wonders to his perspective of the big hidden picture:

In summary we are all at different levels of awareness based on our life's experience. Here are a couple articles that put a unique perspective on our journey to knowledge of what's happening in the world. The first was highly influenced by the second. Each have concepts worth contemplating. Read both: