Comment: The DP isn't your personal property.

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The DP isn't your personal property.

Maybe you guys forgot that this website isn't your own personal property, nor is it the public domain. It is Michael Nystrom's and he can censor if he so chooses. In fact, from his own admission, before the election, he worked to keep the site full of upbeat, pro-liberty posts rather than many of the divisive conspiracy type posts we've seen in the last few months.
As far as the Jew thing, I don't think anyone is saying you can't say what you want, however, realize that when you talk about Israel or Jews as if they are all the same, you sound every bit as ignorant as someone blaming crime on "blacks" or calling Mexicans lazy.
If you don't want the DP being used for sound bites about racial bigotry used to demonize the liberty movement, then my suggestion is that you evaluate what you say to make sure you don't actually sound like a bigot. Of course, that is just my suggestion, not a command.

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