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Comment: Peter's best asset is his

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Peter's best asset is his

Peter's best asset is his ability to talk - but try shutting him up. So, his radio show and television appearances pull in business for him. But mostly he just loves to talk and be right. Don't we all.

He is highly intelligent. So why will he not speak about monetary policy fundamentals instead of monetary policy tinkering by the fed? Why won't he talk about foreign policy and how it is the biggest drain on the federal budget? Why won't he go into the COT reports, the London Gold Pool manipulation of the 60s, the precipitous drops in silver and gold at specific low volume times throughout the day and especially on Sundays at sixPM? Andrew MaGuire's whistle blowing? And then there is Adrian Douglas' discovery of calculating gains through buying gold at PM fix and selling at AM fix each day for the last 10 years, resulted in remarkable gains.

Anyway, I don't think he bothers to dig in deep to learn the inter-workings of metals markets or he is lying. As for ME wars, I have no idea.

I like most of what he says though.