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Comment: In a free society, we can be

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In a free society, we can be

In a free society, we can be Christian, Muslim, atheist.......whatever. So what that Farrakhan is Muslim. He supported Dr. Ron Paul because Paul was speaking truth. If you are a God-loving and fearing individual, you should understand that God wouldn't want us to kill, kill, kill....just to do it. Putting all Muslims in a pile to persecute them is not's been a long time since the Crusades. The reasons we occupy the Middle East is not about their religion nor 9/11. Money and greed are very powerful. Even though Quadaffi was a dictator and probably not the best individual in the world, I do understand something now; he wasn't playing ball with the West. He was attempting to have a Libyan currency backed by gold if I am not mistaken. I believe Muslims do not believe in debt and inflating a currency but someone would have to enlighten me on that. I honestly believe now that if we walked away from the Middle East and their resources, we'd collapse immediately (but it would be a good thing for the people in the long run). There is much more going on under the surface. Don't let propaganda influence your thinking when it comes to these things. Do your own research before you allow others to control your thoughts about a situation.