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Comment: Are you attempting to debate the facts?

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Are you attempting to debate the facts?

The entire Holocau$t(tm) story is completely predicated on the supposed gas chamber disguised as a shower in the Polish concentration camp named Auschwitz where it was formerly claimed that over 4 million people were gassed to death.

Since 2/3rds of the 6,000,000 who were claimed to have been killed by the Nazi party were also claimed to have died in Auschwitz, disproving Auschwitz destroys the ENTIRE Holocau$t(tm) story, or at least will take observers to question, as Paul Harvey would have put it, "the rest of the story".

I only responded to this post to illustrate to the observers that Holocau$t(tm) apologists will not try to debate the facts because they do not know them, or because they know that I do...

If you want to enjoin me in this debate do not dance around the edges of my argument, I will not respond again to this type of reply because it does not fit into the parameters of my challenge.