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You are a complete joke. The

You are a complete joke. The Civil War had nothing ot do with slavery. The South was already moving away from slavery because it was too costly; you do realize that to maintain slaves one has to feed, clothe, house, provide medical treatment, and security so they don't runaway. This is far more expensive then, just paying someone to do the damn job; and buying a slave wasn't that cheep. The African slavery would have ended for the same reason the Irish slavery ended years before it; it became too damn costly to maintain. Just think, the Irish were sold for 1/5 what the Africans were sold for.

Your whole premise is entirely nonsense.

As I pointed out before, the US Constitution allowed slavery; did it not? But I thought we needed some government to protect people's rights. It did a wonderful job for them; didn't it? The government sactioned slavery; and the very first slave was due to a court case. In that time we had indentured servitude to repay value lost or stolen; however, when the value was greater than the person could ever repay, the court ordered him to eternal indentured servitude. Making him a lifelong slave. I find it interesting that the first person to own an African slave was a black man in NY.

PS, I like how you changed your post before I commented on that nonsense.