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Oh, super, I am always trying to get my nieces or young friends to attend Mises. We can start a collection for you here, if you like. I will certainly pitch in. When you get your plans if you do not feel comfortable asking for a funds I can post it. I will keep it bumped one way or the other. You may as well get enough funds to make sure you eat, drink, and have a merry time.

So that is cool you just lirk around. I guess I just have an opinion on everything. It is a bad habit. Listening is far more virtuous than yacking all the time. Most just can't help it. Me neither.

Romania would be cool. I have relatives from there as well. I did do Russia before. I went from Moscow to St. Pete on the Volga River. A friend invited me. Him and his wife are far older than I - cruise age. I would not recommend it. It's really boring but every day traveling is better than any day working. It is nearly impossible to find travel partners. So I usually take what I can get. Or I go alone. Actually alone is the best. That way it your way, everyday. And you meet far more local folks that way. The Russians were very unfriendly. I find the friendliness and hospitality of the people are directly related to my love of the country. Bhutan, Peru, and Thailand are my favorites and they have the best folks.

I love the jammin' thread for the exact same reason you do. I finally feel like a have a couple of friends here now. But now I blew my cover as far as my gender.

I have always tried to remain gender-less when posting. There is always a double standard on what and how a women can talk about. I think poop, farts, and private parts are really funny for some reason. Ladies are not supposed to talk about those kind of things though. I also love swearing. It feels so good. It is harmless. And it is merely unique mouth movements (consonants) coupled with air flowing from the lungs (vowels). I find it odd that it is so offensive to people, especially if those actions are performed by a person with certain genitalia. Perhaps it is obvious that I am a girl though.

Anyway, I like this secret little corner we are conversing in. I wish DP allowed private dialogue.

Let me know what you find out about Mises. I would like to help.

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