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Comment: Bravo! Quite a clever young cub.

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Bravo! Quite a clever young cub.

3¢ is a low price point. Of course that did not include the $50 Ohm meter nor lab space. None the less, I am delighted to see this cub's perseverance.

I could go on about how detection of cancer would return to being of minor interest if we would take better care of ourselves. A pH test is similarly low cost. Testing our pH could detect poor pH balance in pretty much anything. Study the relationship of acid to base as related to health. Our civilized diet is way too high in acid. Low in base. Consider the difference between wild bunny food vs cereal-ized pet food.

A simple way to learn hunting & gathering healthy food is eat more bunny food. What the bunny eats naturally is quite nutritious without any preparation. Few would prefer eating a bunny raw... In less of course, you are smarter than the average bear. I could go on, but I won't.

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