Comment: I see a problem with want you

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I see a problem with want you

I see a problem with what you desire. You are not recognizing the fact that voting for these positions will never be open to the public. No, I'm not talking about Electors either.

Everybody here, should know by now that the vote count is rigged. How do you expect to overcome a rigged election? You can have an area with 100% of the population voting for the same person, and when the results come in which differ from what people knew before hand, they don't question the validity of the count. If you so happen to be principled enough to question the validity of the count, nobody else will support the effort to have a recount. Worse part is, that many areas ar moving to those electronic voting machines and there is no need for a recount becasue the rigged count is built into the machine; it will always come out that way.

The day of voting the bad man/men/people out of office is regretably behind us.