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I hear you, and I wouldn't

I hear you, and I wouldn't rule out it being something other than alleged AA plane if there wasn't a ton of evidence that makes it really hard to deny.
1 All the witnesses that saw a large passenger jet or American Airlines plane by name
2 All the American Airlines plane parts found at the scene and all the witnesses that testify to seeing them
3 Body parts identified by dna and belongings of the passenger found at the scene
4 No evidence of a missile or other aircraft at the scene
5 The fact that AA flight 77 took off with the alleged passengers and no evidence of it or any of the passengers on it being anywhere else

I am not one who can believe that EVERYONE in and around the area afterwards (police/firefighters/investigators/Pentagon workers/clean up) were and are in on a huge coverup and deception. Therefor the only logical conclusion I can come to is that it indeed was the alleged AA flight 77 that hit the Pentagon.