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I put "Jewish" in quotes.

I put "Jewish" in quotes. "Jewish" can refer to a people or a religion. Most are referring to some of the people and not just anyone who is Jewish or follows that religion. Its actually Zionism which happens to be predominantly secular Jews. When almost our entire foreign policy is based on protecting Israel when they are systematically riding the area of Palestine of the rightful owners of that land then I would say that there is an unusually strong influence.

When news organizations, Hollywood, other media industries, banks, etc. are controlled by "Jews" then I would say there is something going on. There is no way that a group that makes up less than 2% of the US population has somehow cornered every industry in the US and even Europe. They also get most of the Nobel Prizes - it is even referred to as the "Jewish bias". Look at all the big economists - Jewish. Actors, directors, producers, etc. - Jewish.

When no one is allowed to criticize or question any "Jewish" involvement without being called anti-Semite or holocaust deniers then I would say something is being hidden.