Comment: You are a lunatic, if you

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You are a lunatic, if you

You are a lunatic, if you think the un-Civil War was about slavery. Maybe you should read Lincoln's inagural address and also some of his letters to a lifelong friend; they betray what you are saying about that un-Civil War.

As far as the black-market is conserned, the things found there are the things which your government has banned -or otherwise made illegal- which the Constitution didn't grant the government the ability to do. Those who are employed in a slave-like fashion(meanining unable to quit) are those who -for one reason or another- are unable to be employed in the white-market; your government has created these conditions also, seeing as how many of these people are immigrants.

While yes the edit function does exist, it was meant for simple typos not necessarly for what you used it for.