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Comment: Manipulation

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I think Peter ignores the question because in the long run, it doesn't make much difference (except that Gold will top out at a higher price when market forces finally do push the price skyward.) Manipulation can distort signals, but cannot drive the economy. All of the manipulation in the world cannot overpower the market forces in the end. They only serve to have the overall outcome be more dramatic. The manipulation of Gold and Silver in our eyes should be a benefit to us. The powers that be are manipulating the price to be lower than it would be on the market. This gives us (those in the know) a chance to buy the metal at a price that is far under the true marekt value of the metal. Manipulation to lower prices helps those who see it early, because they can get better prices. But don't wait, because when prices are lower than the true market value, shortages occur.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."