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Not Jay, but...

Another unschooler here. Not sure if this is necessary, but first, unschooling is a style of home schooling which is pretty much free form and child led rather than 'school at home' where you use typical curriculum. Where you might consider home schoolers 'the fringe', unschoolers would be the 'fringe of the fringe'. So, advice one, you're going to need a thick skin.

General advice - do some research and see what the style options are. Unschooling started, more or less, with John Holt's book _How Children Learn_. Consider what you learn and choose a style appropriate for your family (parents and kids).

Come to an agreement with your spouse about what you plan on doing.

Talk to your kids (if they are old enough). Personally, I don't think public school is necessarily terrible (in practice, anyway - it is always terrible in principle). I home/un- school for positive reasons, not because I hate public school.

Join some local home schooling groups, you can find them with a search engine, meetup dot com, or yahoo groups, to name a few. That will give you a chance to get to know your local home schooling community and they can also fill you in on the local bureaucracy. In some states it's extremely difficult to unschool because of requirements put on home schoolers.

That's about all I've got. In parting, my oldest started college last January and is kicking ass - after 17 years of zero tests or other traditional school nonsense :-)

Good luck!