Comment: didn't take long for this discussion to get twisted--

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didn't take long for this discussion to get twisted--

and not long ago someone said on here that if he/she heard the word "collectivizing" again, he/she would give up.

So, now, some of *us* who can see that religion is used by evil people to hurt innocent people--

(all religions, not just some)--

and use the term 'collective' or 'collectivize" to explain that when people get grouped together it gives the evil ones among them freedom to destroy--

*we* annoy other people--

Can't win--


As a Christian I repudiate the kind of Christianity that promotes war and oppression--and I WILL ferret it out; I will identify it when I see it--

and as a Christian I express serious admiration for such as these:

I'll keep doing that. If I get called a self-hater for having so much 'shame' for fellow Christians who don't care about the golden rule--


and if I get called an anti*whatever* for expressing my support for Jews who speak out against the atrocities being committed by 'other Jews'--


I guess that happens. I will call black black and white white--

As a Christian I am not afraid to call other Christians on the evil they are doing--

why wouldn't I support Jews who criticize other Jews?

I have more in common with the Jews shown on this video and in the other websites--

than I do with the Christians Ron Paul addressed:

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--