Comment: Hey man I'll dialogue with you

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Hey man I'll dialogue with you

Just know that I share the same sentiment of those who have already told you that your presentation lacks tactic. I honestly do not want to beat a dead horse.

Most of the people in the Liberty movement- however they denominate themselves- are very intelligent people. Whether or not they have formal education they are at least well informed. A lot of us have graduate degrees- some of us even graduate degrees in Philosophy. I am glad that you are challenging people. I'm willing to listen to you. I read some of your work on your website and I would like to ask you what it is exactly that you would like to dialogue about. Maybe is a series of things. I mean not to offend but from what I read thus far I am still lost as to your beef with libertarians. Is it epistemic, metaphysical?

Do you have a formal education in philosophy (which is not necessary)? if so, what language craft are you most well versed in so that I may communicate with you more easily. -By language craft I mean "metaphysical frame-work," "school of thought," etc...- The reason I ask is for us not to talk pass one another.

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees