Comment: "Freedom, liberty, and their common defense."

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"Freedom, liberty, and their common defense."

"You do realize that by clammering about Fair Share you just identified yourself as a troll; right? Only the Socialist Statists use that term."

"Freedom, liberty, and their common defense."

I take it that's a no? You aren't willing to pay to defend liberty? You consider that theft? You do realize you just identified yourself as WORTHLESS to liberty right?

Oh that's right... You're an Anarchist. You want to pay "your fair share" buying collective violence to serve your agenda, not the agenda of anybody around you.

Good luck with that Warlord.

"The government creates the conditions for criminals to thrive"

ROFL. Criminals will thrive until you serve justice, and you aren't willing to contribute anything in that fight. Stop trying to blame injustice on government Anarchist. You have NO IDEA what causes injustice, and you've identified yourself as worthless to those who oppose it. You won't contribute anything and consider it socialistic to do so.

The truth is you're just a nihilist, and won't lift a finger to oppose injustice, because you don't recognize injustice. It's hard pretending you're an advocate for liberty when you won't contribute anything to defend it isn't it?

"The Police of any given area are only an extrememly tiny minority; how can they possibly protect a very large majority from an unknown number of potential criminals?"

Coercion. They know you're a coward, and coercion will still exist in Anarchy just as collective violence, extortion, injustice, and the profit motive.

Are you now against the profit motive too?

The question is; will you oppose those who profit unjustly by taking peoples liberty? I say you won't, and since you've now identified yourself as an Anarchist who considers that theft, so do you.

"But with government, they just borrow the money; force people even outside the area to pay for it, and then when even that isn't enough to pay for it, they pass the burdon to pay for it onto future generations who will have their own bills to pay. Government is great."

Now you're just trying to cloud the issue. I'm MORE THAN HAPPY to pay for justice to be served. You aren't. Yet again, if you want to find where that problem originates, look inside yourself.

An Anarchist wants liberty, but they consider paying for justice theft, and when push comes to shove, they have to admit what they really want is to be able to buy collective violence using "free market solutions". They want to be able to buy and use coercion, replacing government with their wallet.

What they unjustly want, what they covet is power.

People will be acting justly when they meet you with violence Anarchist. You aren't fit for power, because you're a liar, a nihilist, and a fraud.