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1. If you read what I write,

1. If you read what I write, it's perfectly clear what my beliefs are. I'm sorry that you seem so preoccupied for finding little labels to give people, and that you can't find a box to put me in. Doesn't it make a bit more sense to focus on ideas, to separate the ideas from the idealist?

2. I am well aware that there are a large number of people not able to understand my message. But I'm not going to dilute or distort it to suit them. There are a small number of people that get what I am saying and what I am trying to do by saying it on this forum. This, like all my writings, is here for their benefit, not for those people that can't make any effort of their own to understand other people's ideas.

Clue: I say outright what my ideas are and why I'm sharing them. If you start there, you might 'get it'.