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Thanks Mr. C!

After reading the book "Montessori Today" I decided that I wanted to go the child led route and not just do conventional school at home. I think this will work well for my son as he is very inquisitive and genuinely loves seeking out knowledge. Fortunately my husband is totally on board and we live in the very home school friendly state of Texas. We're hoping to move out onto our family's 200+ acre farmland sometime this year where we're starting our own organic garden and raising animals, so that will give us a lot of great learning opportunities!

I think the thing that appeals to me most about the child led approach is that learning becomes a truly cooperative effort between parent and child. We get to learn together and I'll end up learning at least as many lessons from him as he will from me.

I've been looking into home schooling groups around the area and haven't had any luck so far as we live in a pretty rural area where everyone has a strange level of devotion to the local schools. It's a big source of pride for them, mostly sports related. I suppose I could always start my own home school group. Maybe there are others in my area who just never figured anyone else did it.

Thick skin, I can definitely see how that would be a must! I've always been a little bit unconventional (dare I say rebellious?) and gone against the grain, so I've at least got a head start on that.

Your encouragement has been a tremendous help! Thank you so much! :)

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