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Finally read the whole thing

“You all disappoint me immensely. Immensely and constantly.”

Hmmm…. I am hesitant to keep reading as my friends and family are the only people I can really disappoint, and I asked a few of them and none of them seem to be disappointed about anything right now. However, I am bored so I’ll go on and just assume since you do not know me you are not talking about me specifically.

“If you’re a propertarian absolutist, or a big-tenter, or a ‘return to the constitution’ theist, do you really think there is nothing for you to learn or gain by looking into those ideas that challenge your current beliefs and mindset?”

There is absolutely something to learn from looking into another mindset, usually what is to be learned is simply what I am up against. I read most threads here, on really slow days I get to all of them. I learn a lot from people that are of a different mindset than I am, but it is usually more what I am fighting against.

“When you hear Obama say “America will benefit if we share the wealth about a bit” your reply is likely to be closer to “Fuck you! Taxation is theft” than “There is no ‘America’, there is no ‘we’, and all stealing is wrong, regardless of who does it or what they call it”.

I disagree, while some insert their occasional bouts of inflammatory language, most go back to the idea that taxation IS theft under any guise. You are right, that is the appropriate response, but does it matter how it is worded if it means the same thing at the end of the day? I personally kind of like the comments by the people who say what they are thinking even if it is not sugar coated. It means they say what they mean and mean what they say and there is nothing more refreshing than that these days.

“Your activities add up to almost nothing.”

Bullshit. Oh… wait, was I not supposed to swear? Maybe my online discussions do not add up to anything as far as activism, but my online discussions give me fuel to pursue my real world activism. You have no idea what I or anyone else here does in the real world as far as activism, and just because it is not what YOU think I should be doing does not mean it is irrelevant. That goes for everyone here; I assume most people here are working on something liberty related in the real world. It is none of my business what they are doing and it might not be MY idea of a good use of time, but it is not my business nor is it yours.

“Most of you support a ‘big tent’ approach, and will allow anyone to ‘be’ a libertarian as long as they make sounds about ‘freedom’ and use the L-word identifier.”

I suppose I’ll give you that. It is not as simple as putting the word libertarian in front of other words and or actions and I do think some people are a little confused about this, but once again… it’s not really my business unless they make a thread about it asking for my opinion.

“You treat me like some sort of irrelevance because to you, I ‘am’ a nobody.”

Well, generally when the first words someone says to me are “I am disappointed in you,” they have a way of becoming irrelevant to me. That being said…. If we are all such huge disappointments why do you care if people treat you as though you are irrelevant?
Moving on…. Did you have some sort of plan on how to fix things? I may have missed the thesis (I say that genuinely and humbly) but really all I got was a list of complaints. I have a bunch of complaints also, but none of them will lead to solutions.