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Comment: I'm totally against the unconstutional

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I'm totally against the unconstutional

laws and actions by the police, but if you make the choice to live in these Communist controlled states, you had better watch your step! The mass rotound man in the governors office, that same guy who many from the right wanted to run for President, is a neo-communist Trotskyite gun grabbing prosecutor. So, in other words, if you are going to be an activist in these states, you had better have all your 'p's and q's' in order or they will send you to the gulags. You may scoff at the 'gulag' reference, but if you go to prison you only have rights granted by the warden running the prison system, and if they want you dead they can easily entice a 'lifer' to murder you by granting him some type of unatainable reward, to take you out.