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What exactly do you think the

What exactly do you think the US Constitution authorized the Federal Government the ability to control? The US Constituion limited the powers of the Federal Government to only a few things and none of them had anything to do with controlling the morality of the governed.

And the 10th amendment stated that, that power which was not explicitely granted to the Federal government in the US Constituion was left to the States. However, the States, within their very own Constitutions are also not permited to control the morality of the people; because that wasn't one of the powers granted to the States within their Constitutions.

I really don't think you know how Constituions work; nor what it actually means if something in not expressly written within a Constitution.

Constitutions are rules; these particular Constituions happen to be rules of govenrments. Unlike in most instances, if something is not written in the rules -granting the governing body the power to control it- then the governing body has NO jurisdiction over that particular item/act/deed/whatever. A Constituional Amendment would be needed to add that power to the list of powers granted to the governing body by the Constituion.

Nowhere in any of those Constitutions are the Federal or State Governments given the power to control morality or the non-violent actions of the people.