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Anarchist tripe.

"Most people on this page are at least Libertarian. That means they don't believe in using government to enforce morality."

Anarchist tripe. Anarchists aren't Libertarians. Anarchists are WORTHLESS to liberty. Is the NAP now NOT a principle within your moral code? The only legitimate purpose of government is to defend liberty, to serve justice, to defend a principle within your moral code.

Tell me about how you're going to serve your moral code using collective violence without government. Tell me about who sits at the levers of power you hope to create. How big is your wallet? Are you going to be able to compete with me?

Tell me about an Anarchists system of justice. Tell me about your gangland government, tell me about Communism and Fascism minus the illusion of state. Tell me about how you think you're going to buy dominion over people using free market solutions.

Tell me how you're going to do it without replacing government with something used to enforce YOUR moral code, and from behind closed doors, with your wallet replacing my Constitutional Republic. You have NOTHING to do with the golden rule, or the NAP. All an Anarchist is capable of is trying to destroy because they covet power.