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Comment: Don't lose

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Don't lose

None of us that understand Ron Paul take issue with any "group" or "race" or "religion" or "ethnicity." We do, however, oppose bad ideas, bad policies, and bad government (aka all/most government).

In general, we should describe our adversaries by their ideas that we oppose, and never by some other classification.

If you oppose the banking system and those who support it - say so.

If you oppose neoconservative foreign policy - say so.

If you oppose tyrannical federal government - say so.

If you oppose the oligarchy of corporate interests that feed off the crony capitalist system - say so.

If you oppose the policies of the Likud party, or Zionism in general - say so.

If you oppose CIA policies of foreign intervention, fomenting coup d'tat, assassinating foreign leaders, drone killings without due process - say so.

But the minute you describe your opponents other than by the content of their ideas, you reveal yourself as ignorant, you alienate anyone that shares your ideas who also falls within the target "group," and you open yourself up to charges of bigotry, prejudice and anti-[insert group here]. In short you lose. Don't lose.

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. ~ Thomas Jefferson