Comment: Those are only a few of my words

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Those are only a few of my words

Me: I like pastries such as pie

You: You said in your own words! "I like pastries..." So why the hell do you like cake so much?! What is wrong with you?!!! RAWR!!!

I would suggest reading the rest of the post you quoted. Because it pretty much directly addresses this entire issue. I don't understand the point of continuing to reply to me. I have made it quite clear, that your premise makes absolutely no sense. There is no way for me to answer your "questions" (if by questions you mean repeated baseless assertions and insults) because they are completely irrelevant and not related whatsoever in any way at all to what I am proposing.

If you read that actual FULL post (which addresses most of the things you're complaining about, before you complained about them) and you still have problems, let us erase all previous discussion, and you can start a new reply where you describe your problem with what I am suggesting. Because this particular chain of conversation is utterly ruined and I am not interested in continuing it. At this point it's not more than "you're dodging!" "no you're dodging" which is just pointless regardless of who is the original dodger.

Freedom in our lifetime! -