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Comment: I went to Mr. B. Freeman white paper

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I went to Mr. B. Freeman white paper

arguments. Well written. But it is too generic for a reader unfamiliar with details. The author borrows heavily from N.P. Barry's critique of Rothbardian version and Ayn Rand' one alike.

"In summary, Libertarianism is too subjective and too fractured (though seemingly unified superficially) and Objectivism is too single-minded (it really ought to be renamed Randism) and remote, to develop a proper conception of freedom according to the standards of this paper.

In order to evolve along what this paper considers to be better lines, libertarianism as a body of work would certainly have to jettison any association with minarchism, religious doctrines and utilitarian justifications."

It is an interesting reading for those who are well familiar with both ideologies. I myself have found false reasoning of N.P. Barry regarding his evaluation of Objectivism as quoted in the paper. But rational development in this field is always welcome. Our common ground (regardless of Libertarian schools) is clear: free-market capitalism, separation of government from economy. Except for our parrots: their common goal is to fight Zionists and bankers.