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I listened to that link of good news

the people sounded hokey :)

"You may need a break from me too, I have that broken record going on all the time, seriously, do not keep providing the means by which you suffer. It makes no sense.

My cousin Mike is engaging me in discussion again, and there are so many things I can read, don't, please, feel obligated to play chess with me for any other reason than a welcome change from boredom, as far as I am concerned, there is no need to suffer on my account. "

Is Mike talking to you about Public and Private land?

For some reason I feel out of words and I feel tired and I feel like my head has not been in my life and I feel like a failure.

You didn't hand me the dark Russian movie. No one handed it to me. I stumbled upon it and took it upon myself to watch it. I think I'd rather be hit by a drone than kept in a cell with a bunch of people waiting for my name and crime to go thru a mock trial just to then be stripped, lined up and shot, and hoisted like a side of beef onto a trailer with a bunch of other bourgeoisie and political dissidents.