Comment: I condemn Zionism as an IDEOLOGY, just as I condemn...

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I condemn Zionism as an IDEOLOGY, just as I condemn...

communism, fascism and any form of fundamentalist dogma.

I condemn individual ACTS, such as Rand Paul's "enthusiastic support" of Mitt Romney and his votes on Iran sanctions.

However, what annoys me the most is the pious concern of so many at this website about ANYTHING outside of YOUR "comfort zone". I have yet to see a single post here involving either mainstream or fundamentalist Christianity that has received net negative votes. However, articles about 911 got people crucified until late 2010 and articles about unexplained paranormal activities still get a lot of us "high negatives." I post something here about Gnostic Christianity and I get hammered.

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You build tombs for the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous. 30 And you say, ‘If we had lived in the days of our ancestors, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.’ 31 So you testify against yourselves that you are the descendants of those who murdered the prophets. 32 Go ahead, then, and complete what your ancestors started!"

Matthew 23 29:31