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ROFL! No argument left?

ROFL! No argument left? I've all but BEGGED you to try and explain your nonsense, and got nothing in return other than the same kind of tripe you just posted. That's all that happens talking to you Anarchists. You run away, spitting some insult out the side of your mouth after you realize you have no answers.

Now you're attempting to imply you've asked some question that can't be answered or debated. I've been demanding an answer from you Anarchists for months. You have no answers. You have no understanding. You have no solutions. All you have is the belief that you're surrounded by sheep and retards, and that you know better.

You don't. You're the problem, not the solution.

Anarchists are like an open book, a transparent fraud, and here you are trying to declare yourself the winner of something. Trust me Anarchist; you lose. The entire planet agrees, government is better than Anarchy, and even here at the Daily Paul, your garbage just doesn't really sell. In fact, you Anarchists are the best advertisement governments ever had. You're akin to Obama in many ways. You won't destroy government. You will sell people on big government. You'll end up creating a police state, that or a Marxist revolution, either way, you're worthless to liberty.

You are your own worst enemies. You make people want to serve justice; ON YOU. Anarchists are no friends to liberty. They're mostly just Communists and useful followers wearing masks, throwing rocks through windows trying to destroy something, but in the end, it's the Anarchist who faces justice.