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From all my research regarding precious metals... the current downturn was planned and is definitely meant to get the faint of heart out of their silver/gold positions.

I'm also noticing many very large investments in bitcoin - in one case close to a million dollars in one trade just recently. The volatility in bitcoin is most definitely being controlled by the same banksters that are manipulating precious metals. Looks like they are selling short in paper silver/gold and using that paper leverage to run up the bitcoin price.

This is why I haven't been a fan of bitcoin lately. I've realized that a FINITE currency is not necessarily a good thing. What is important is transparency and that each credit in the currency is backed up by SOMETHING with tangible value.

If that something with tangible value is very LIMITED in supply then it can be hoarded and hence used to control the DEMAND on whatever (in this case) gold is outstanding.

If you haven't seen the movie Money Masters and believe that gold... or bitcoin (something pretty well finite) is the answer then you are sorely lacking very important information in order to make an educated decision on this issue. It was after watching money masters that I got the idea for bart-mart...

I repeat EVERY LIBERTARIAN should have seen Money Masters BY NOW... you are SORELY missing out!!!

I developed bart-mart due to its unlimited credit potential however LIMITED ability to create those credits. You must have SOMETHING of tangible value (a pen, a book, a hammer etc) in order to create credits in the bart-mart system. Each dealer is their own "Ben Bernanke" with the exception that you can't just create these "credits" out of thin air - u must have something to back them up with in your inventory.

THINK about it... everything around you is has a tangible value does it not? Then why is it not also backing up a currency while sitting in inventory... in the same way gold backs up a currency while sitting in a vault?

What's more... wouldn't it be a lot better to grab some stuff you don't need anymore and bring it on down to the local bart-mart and trade it in for something you might actually use?

Or you can take your hard earned cash and spend it? What would you rather do?