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You don't actually believe this...

"I can't help it that government is the cause of illegal activity; or that government is the cause of the corporations enslaving people."

Like I've said, Anarchists claim they can get rid of injustice by getting rid of government. They don't actually believe this, but they DO want to get rid of government because it's standing between them and something they want; free reign to use collective violence to unjustly take what isn't theirs.

What they really want and NEED is a mob. They're users and liars.

You don't need government or corporations to enslave people, and getting rid of government won't stop people from incorporating, collectivizing, and monopolizing the free market, including whatever kind of collective violence you think you're going to buy in a free market.

Anarchists fall into two categorize, Fascists who want to run the world with corporate armies, and Communists, who want to be able claim ownership over EVERYTHING using collective violence to take what isn't theirs.

PS Keep hitting that downvote if you want. It means nothing to me. Your computer is now a Skinner Box. With as many Anarchists that plague the DP, I'm surprised you don't have a +20 next to all your comments. What are you doing wrong?

Is your snake oil not selling like you thought it would?