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You do realize that there is

You do realize that there is an actual record of what has been posted right?
I said that because your comment makes it sound like you don't know what had been written previously; and I wouldn't want people to think that you are misrepresenting reality.

You have yet to answer, why you are a Constitutionalist when adherence to the Constitution won't grant you the ability to control the behavior of the people; which you and Mark and some of the others want. That is a simple question which you and Mark have deflected.

Here, I'll give you one more of the questions with a follow through posed to you and/or Mark earlier in the thread: How are you guys going to get a system of corrupt individuals to help you end the corruption? Judges, ADAs, Police Officers, and Politicians are all tied together; they all protect eachother, and none of them are going to incriminate anybody involved because it would by default incriminate themselves. So how are you going to change the system?

I read your diatribe and shockingly there were no answers in there. What should I expect from a Statist.