Comment: Zionism misunderstood by many

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Zionism misunderstood by many

1) If you are a Libertarian, you should allow people to have freedom to be left alone and for a collective separate themselves from others if they like so.

2) The issue at hand (Israeli-Palestinian conflict) is only about the land - group demands. Since "Palestine" was never an independent state in the whole human history and Israel got West Bank land as the result of victory in the war with Jordan, the dispute is complicated. Emotions do not solve the issue. But a Libertarian cannot have an ideological opposition to Zionism. Open borders is not the main idea of individual liberty if people are allowed to form a collective and separate themselves from others.

Groups have no rights, only demands. There is no group justice. Palestinian leaders (both Hamas, Fatah and others) violate individual rights of Palestinian individuals ALL THE TIME.