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Comment: Like I said earlier: "You are a liar and fraud."

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Like I said earlier: "You are a liar and fraud."

"You really don't think of actual monetary costs; do you? That sounds just like a statist."

OF course I do, and so does somebody who practices extortion, and slavery. They serve the profit motive as well, and when you think you're going to get justice buying collective violence in a free market, that's what people will buy. They'll want to get the most they can for their money, and there is no better way to acquire profit with violence than to take liberty.

How are you going to stop me from doing it? Don't try and tell me about how you're going to create a state or a government to do it. Don't tell me about how you're going to collectivize people and try to get them to serve justice (defend liberty) rather than just serve there own self interest.

You reject my principles remember? "Freedom, liberty, and their common defense."

Don't claim you'll now embrace those principles, because remember: 'government is not supposed to be used to enforce a moral code.'

No principle is allowed to be enforced through violence. Your only answer will be to choose nihilism, and turn a blind eye to all the injustice I can create. You oppose my principles. You oppose defending liberty. You oppose serving justice.

"the Republican Statists on the Right clammering for the Warfare State"

Like I said earlier: "You are a liar and fraud." Point me towards my "clammering for the Warfare State" posts... Can't? Nope. That's because you have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

"Under a voluntaryist system, your company is going to have to compete for market-share against -potentially- an infinite number of competitors."

Perhaps in a just society, but that's not what you'll be creating. You're just a capitalist who can't defend his own political system and can't figure out why a capitalist supports justice.

I won't have to compete with "an infinite number of competitors" because I can now buy collective violence and use extortion, monopolies, cartels, and gangland government to squash out my competitors. I'll take over your "free markets", and it will be as easy as tempting weak people through their covetous nature.

You'll have nowhere left to hide, because you've rejected the very idea that you can oppose me, that you can create an island in the storm, a country, and that within your country you will enforce a principle so people can be free to produce and compete.

You will be nothing in an ocean of violence, none of which you can compete against as one man. Whatcha going do? Collectivise? Nope. Fight? Nope.

SERVE a criminal at the end of a gun? Yep.

"Do you really think that people/companies are going to hemorage money on nonsense which is more likely to bankrupt them, then make them rich?"

Do I really think that companies will pay to use collective violence to stifle competition? ROFL

You're kidding right? Do you know where you are? Do you know how Libertarians feel about Fascists like you?