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by this logic, the few Jewish people who attended the same classes as myself during high-school should have been at the top of the class, scholastically. However, they weren't. It was mostly the East Indians and Chinese that were in the top 10%.

Just saying...

Nobel prizes don't count cause they are a joke. LOL! Obama got a Nobel peace prize and he started two wars right after his acceptance speech. If they are doing that sort of thing for the "Peace" category, they must be doing it for the rest of the categories. I don't take any of the Nobel prizes seriously... you can if you want to.

Oscar awards don't count because, well just look at all the surnames next time you watch the credits roll.

Gilad Atzmon the saxophone player was sure his greatest heroes, the ones who inspired him to pick up the saxophone, were Jewish, until he found out they were Afro-Americans.