Comment: Mandatory subjects are retarded...get rid of them.

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Mandatory subjects are retarded...get rid of them.

By their logic people should just be taxed for breathing. Environmentalism is nature worship. It's not about making the world a cleaner place, it's about humans being crap. The world is run by utter morons.

Bikers do get off pretty good. They don't have to carry insurance, despite that they are moving slower than everything else and are more of a liability than an actual car. Bike riders have some kind of trendy liberal smugness about them and think they own the road. Roads are built for cars, not for slow-moving pedal-powered yuppie devices. You have parks that have paths. Use them. They shouldn't be taxed, but if the rest of us need to be licensed, insured, inspected, and registered, so should they if they want to use the road.

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