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To be honest I sped read most

To be honest I sped read most of your blabbering, and I almost didn't respond for fear that you would write another book report but I'll leave you with three points:

1) That's great about Ron Paul, but I could care less. I was just using him as an example since, well, on the list of liberty-minded public figures he's probably at the very top. Point being, if he doesn't satisfy your gold standard, nobody ever will.

2) If we limited the movement to your awe inspiring principled path, then we would be left with only a handful of people. Which is great for a poker game but not so much getting anything effective done.

3) Once again since you missed it the first time, I'm not advocating making Farrakhan a spokesmen for "liberty". But maybe a spokesmen for ending these reckless and unnecessary foreign wars? Yes, we can use all the help we can get.