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People who want what you have.

"When the market wouldn't bear the price that the mercs want -for getting shot at- how many of them do you really think will stay mercs."

Sure they would, and if not, people would volunteer to steal what isn't theirs. It would be as easy as tempting them. How charitable are you going to be? If you can't afford security, I have no doubt you won't be thinking about charity.

You know you're undercutting all your own arguments right? Can the free market provide for your security solutions or not? Why would greedy people not incorporate and use their 'infrastructure of collective violence' to claim dominion and run a Fascist global economy without any of those pesky "statists" getting in their way?

Like I said, volunteering to take what's yours will be BIG Business. I won't even need that many "highly trained mercs". In fact, If you can't afford security, I could probably take what's yours with a stick AnBarb, and that's the world you'll create, a world filled with barbarians beating each other with sticks.

"I highly doubt that as many people would be as willing to get shot at, wouldn't you?"

Not at all. The world is filled with covetous people trying to take what isn't theirs and shooting at each other Anarchist.

"I doubt your premise because, as I've stated, who will be willing to get shot at for $20k?"

It doesn't really matter what an Anarchist thinks. Remember how you thought companies wouldn't be willing to pay for collective violence to stifle competition?

"Who will be willing?"

People who want what you have. People who want to serve justice on Anarchists. People will be lining up, volunteering to shoot at you Anarchist, and since you condemn "freedom, liberty, and their common defense", we won't even break a sweat.