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Voluntaryist system is base

Voluntaryist system is base on -get this- voluntary actions. OMG; who would have thought that?

If a town, want to setup rules of acknowledgement then that is the towns perogative? Nobody is forced participation; however, the town may have to buy the houses of those who don't want to participate, so they could move somewhere else.

Voluntary actions of individuals are hard to pinpoint; so some not nice things may happen in the beginning and from time to time. What you and those like you have to reconcile is that under government bad things are guaranteed to happen to many people -and in some cases(taxes) to everybody- and most of it will be from government itself. I suppose the government system is fine if you're not one of the people bad things are going to happen to. However, in a voluntaryist system, there is no such guarantee that bad things will happen to as many people as under a government system or at all, though, there is no guarantee that no bad things will happen either.