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The difference between my

The difference between my blog and the others, in my defense, is that virtually everything I do, I do so as to persuade people of the need for a coordinated, coherent and consistent social movement.

You say you are already doing something. I do not know what that is, so tell me about it. Tell me what you believe, and what your strategy is, and how you want to recruit people, etc, etc.

Let's explore that angle for a while, OK?

I want to hear what you have to say, so I can judge you individually. My article is a critique of most libertarians, not all. It is a critique of trends, not of the entirety.

But the main point is that unless these disparate groups and individuals start trending together, along trends they have thought out and agree on, the isolated, contradictory messages out there will fizzle.

They will need to be amplified and resonant if they are to match the shrill baying of the fascist dogs.