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You do realize that

You do realize that incorporation was created by government right? Without a government how does somebody incorporate?

The free market will provide security; as much as you and your town or whatever are willing to afford. However, if you want to continuously ship them out to get shot at, shot, and killed to steal other peoples things, then the price will sky-rocket and you will no longer be able to afford to do such stupid things. Do you under stand?

The provision security will not be expensive, because the likelyhood that they would get killed is low. However, when the likelyhood of dying increases, the mercs will charge more money then the people will be willing to spend. Why you ask? Because wherever the money would be coming from to pay the mercs -a business- will have to fight competition for customers to try and keep some of their previously held government protected market share. This company or companies won't be able to continuously afford to ship high quality mercs out to possibly get killed. They would never be able to maintain that policy, because it would cause them to hemorage money. This is why government which go continuously off to war end up broke; this is the current US problem. Unlike government which could tax everybody for their stupid policy, these wealthy people or compnies would have to foot the bill entirely themselves. They couldn't push it onto the consumers without risking losing market share to compeditors. Also, unlike government these individuals or companies won't be able to pass the bill on to future generations either. This is why all of your ridiculous claims will never be sustainable in a volunatryist system.