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Comment: Well I would love to be judged as an individual

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Well I would love to be judged as an individual

This is what I have spent the past few years doing.

What do I believe? I believe that no elected official can change any of this (even the Ron Paul himself, now watch me get chased out of here with a burning cross lol). So, I take my message and ideas to individuals and I educate them the best I can. I do not educate them on specific candidates (except for Amash because he needed some help with name recognition), I educate them on ideas.

I have spent the past few years on college campuses explaining things like The Fed and blowback to students. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes I have to have multiple conversations with one person until they get it. I chose to focus on the Fed and blowback because I think it wakes people up to the idea that government is not thinking with their best interest in mind. I think that once people can start understanding that they will start thinking about living their lives as individuals and not following blindly in step with government. I have done this slowly but surely over the past few years and I have had great success. I have also had success in the economics department with getting curriculum and syllabi changed to include information the fed and Austrian economics. Now, maybe you do not think this is important (and maybe you do), but I find this to be important because as I stated earlier I think it helps people understand that the need for government is not as great as they seem to think.

I also promote off grid and sustainable living. I have lived on and off gird for a few years (it changes depending on what else is going on in my life)and am working towards going completely off grid within the next 2 or so years. I have helped many people (and have been helped by many people) on figuring out how to live off grid. An old roommate of mine was a government loving Obama supporter for years. He is now a self proclaimed mountain man (at least I think he still is, I have not been able to talk to him in a while because of both of our living situations).

I have worked my own personal finances out to the point where I do not have to pay taxes anymore, and I have helped (and once again been helped) others figure out how to do the same with their finances.

So, I try my hardest to help people find individual liberties and understand while elected officials have some power the real power is within individuals making the changes they would like to see.

And I am proud of everything I have accomplished. Now, you write a blog... what else do you do?