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Comment: Two many in America have

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Two many in America have

Two many in America have welcomed socialism where they look first to the government to solve their problems. The benefits from the many socialist programs available is just one way. Norman Thomas,former associate editor of the Socialist Party USA magazine, The Nation declared America would never knowingly adopt socialism: But under the name of liberalism, they would adopt every fragment of socialism without knowing how it happened. Sam Webb, chief of the Communist party USA stated inn a speech at the CPUSA National convention with the election of Obama America was now," on the road to socialism." America started down the road toward socialism in 1913. Few citizens seem to know who colonel Edward Mandel House and the part his book, Philip Dru, Administrator played in The United States of America adopting socialist ideas. Karl Marx dreamed of a socialist United States.It doesn't matter where Obama is called a Marxist, socialist, Muslim or even a communist. His mentor as well as Hillary Clinton's mentor was Saul Alinsky. Alinsky's book, RULES for RADICALS has been Obama's play book.

Bob Marshall